Today I have felt my Savior's love over and over again. I have been stressing with school and work and all the things that come with life, and on saturday after a much needed talk with my sweet sister Britt (and with her prompt to get a blessing) i asked my jason for a blessing. He gave me such a nice blessing and I was hoping things would get better immediately. the stress continued, but today, i was in my first class of the day, with my 3x5 cards for my microbiology test later that day on my desk when a lady walked in and announced to our class that all classes for the rest of the day were cancelled due to the severe blizzard storm, including microbiology and our test was rescheduled until next tuesday. This was AMAZING news, I knew this was such a blessing and i WILL study a lot before then. I was then at the grocery store later today and was behind a lady who was buying a turkey (at the grocery store they give out coupons towards a turkey all the month of november depending on how much you spend) I had a .50 cent coupon, not much, but knowing i would not be buying a turkey, i offered it to her. She was so thankful and so gracious and then told me she was about to take this turkey to a family who couldn't get one of their own and continued to thank me (it was only 50 cents but she made me feel like i bought the whole thing :) Later Jason and I were able to go to the Temple, as always the spirit is absolutely undeniable at the temple, but when we walked back out to our car, there was a bag on my windshield. It had a little note that said "Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness-great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy. Thankful for all you do for others." and a 100 grand candy bar. They were on several cars around us, and to think that someone cared about the members who attended the temple that day and to leave us such a sweet gift meant so much.


Brittani said...

I LOVE YOU! I would pay you 100 grand any day to spend it with you!

Cathy said...

Our Heavenly Father loves us so much--he waits on us to bless us!! Isn't that sweet?