Thanksgiving and BLACK FRIDAY

On our way home at 6 AM from Kohls and Target... i'm so lucky, he will even go shopping with me at 2:30 AM. only one day a year though..

Thanksgiving was very fun this year, and very relaxing. we were able to go up to Bountiful and stay with Grandma and Grandpa Turnbull and Mom&dad Pickett and Jamie were all there too! We watched lots of law&order, criminal minds, and Without a trace. I am becoming addicted to all of them. Thursday morning we woke up and went to Old Navy and then back home and got ready for our amazing turkey dinner! Friday morning at 245 we were out and off to Kohls. Kohls was INSANE! luckily, dad pickett has some pretty mad line waiting skills. After we got out of kohls, we header over to target. We got some pretty good buys at target and then to mcdonalds for a 5 am breakfast. we went home slept and then back out to the mall for more shopping about 2 pm. Jason and I were able to get ALL of our christmas shopping done, minus 1 person, on black friday! It was AWESOME. :) overall it was a very fun thanksgiving, but now i need to get back to homework, and the gym.

mmmmm... the pies tasted pretty good..


Brittani said...

amazing looking pies.... so excited about your black friday shopping!

Chelsea said...

All your Christmas shopping done..impresive! Looks like fun! Love Black Friday, and those pies look delicious. I need to make an appointment with you this week!!

Cathy said...


Matt and Melissa said...

How fun! Your pies look delicious!

Jamie said...

Ha it was so much fun! Always love to go shopping with you, even at 230 am :) P.s. i want some more of that apple pie!!!!