happy birthday Dad Pickett!

Happy birthday today to my wonderful FIL! and happy superbowl sunday. It sure was a good Sunday. Turns out another church building flooded so when we went to church this morning we were combined with another ward and since there was too many people to accomodate for class we only had one hour of church! It was fun, every once in a while to only have an hour of church! well back to Happy birthday Dad! Thanks for all you do for us, Thanks for leading me on so many fourth year hikes up at girls camp and providing much entertainment esp in the kitchen!, and thanks for accepting me into the family and thanks for helping us out in so many ways and thanks for being such a great priesthood holder and example and for raising Jason so perfectly! Wish we could be there to celebrate, but happy birthday and we love you!!

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Cathy said...

Awesome sweet picture and we hope that Dad Steve had a great birthday also!! But he sort of is our brother huh??