Valentine from my missionary

this is the exact valentine i received this year from my missionary in Fort Worth

For those of you that know me- know i have a weird obsession with spray butter or 'i can't believe its not butter.' its delicious and i have to have a spray or two on every bite.. hey it's zero calories..Thanks Zach- its reminds me that you still remember me and things about me. hehe


Cathy said...

Okay- someone please tell me why I'm crying?? About butter?? Ha!!

Erin and Zach said...

Love it!! Mine was awesome too. In the heart it said my name and he drew a picture of a toilet. He then told me a story through a series of ps, pps, ppps, pppps...about how some torta he ate would make my Valentine come true. Aaahhh he definitely remembers me and things about me too. xo

{april kennedy} said...

That was hilarious!! And so sweet. Can he wait for my Kaia and we can arrange a wedding! ;)

Chelsea said...

This letter is hilarious!! :) And congrats on such a good interview!!