21 & 22 weeks.

The past two weeks have been exciting! Baby girl is tumbling all over- maybe she is running in one of those mouse wheels. thats what i think hehe whatever she is doing it makes me excited every time i feel her i like to call her 'Squirmy' yup thats her nickname. A couple of days ago i started feeling some MEGA chest pressure- a couple hours later i realized it was heartburn. I have never experienced something quite like that- i was up all night- called the advice nurse a couple times- couldn't sleep- i felt like a big guy was sitting on my chest holding a torch in it. i tried everything seriously! the next day it continued until about 4 pm. i chugged some baking soda water and took my meds and wala, gone 26 hours later... Now i will continue taking my meds every morning and night to make sure it NEVER gets that bad again! I hear the more heart burn the more hair your baby will have. Well she better come out with some nice hair ;)


Brittani said...

her mommy sure has pretty hair... so hopefully she does too! love your belly. you are so gorgeous

Hillary said...

What fun photos! Thanks for sharing... We are excited for you two and your little squirmer.

Erin and Zach said...

you are so cute! Heartburn blows. I hope it stays away!