Happy 25!

Happy 25th birthday (yesterday) to my smokin hott hubs! A quarter of a century, wow. i think he is officially an adult now :). Thanks Jason for being my main squeeze and for always putting up with me- i try to make life bearable, but i realize that sometimes i am crazy and a lot of times i'm wrong and even if i don't make any sense you still are right by my side...especially with prego hormones i'm even more crazy. Thanks for already being the best dad to our sweet baby girl. She loves to kick you when you feel her and loves when you talk to her and give her kisses. So Happy DAY after your Birthday from D&H. we LOVE you!
A couple Pics from LAST years birthday. we are celebrating a bit more this weekend (pics to come from THIS year)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and have a fun weekend!! You are such a party girl Dev!! We love you Jason and Devyn and baby H!!