Happy 3 months!

Oh Hazel how time has flown by right before our eyes. You are fast asleep in your crib right now and its time for me to reflect on all the things you have been up to this past month. lets see, you took your third plane trip and your first long car ride and you did great on both! we drove to CA during the night and you slept and slept until we were about 20 min away and then you screamed. you are getting to be quite the little eater (milk monster as cousin Ethan calls you) you are wearing size 1 diapers just about size 2 (probably as soon as we run out of 1's) your 0-3 month clothes are getting pretty snug i think it's about time to get out the 3-6 month clothes! you LOVE playing under your play mat and sitting up/standing up(with our help..) you love to eat your hands and still love your binky. you are a champ at switching back and forth from bottle to breast (thank you thank you!!) and you have been getting used to our nightly routine of bath, eat, burp, song, prayers, swaddle and rock. You still almost always have a 6 hour stretch at night before you wake up and eat and go back to sleep for several more hours. you still are not rolling over (thank goodness) as you do not like your tummy AT ALL.. haha. we try, maybe one day it will just be fabulous. you are still so smiley and have started giggling and laughing a lot more during this past month. oh and you have also been to Taqueria (out of the womb..) 5or6 times! and Gotts.. at least 3 times!Some of my FAVORITE things are when you have finished nursing and you just look up and give me the biggest sweetest smile, your milk drunk smile, and sometimes when you eat you have your hand on your head it is absolutely adorable. we LOVE you baby girl Hazey pop and are SO thrilled you are apart of our family.


Erin and Zach said...

She is so beautiful I can hardly stand it! XOXO

Anonymous said...

SO SO cute!!