Hazel 5 months!

well since i forgot to post last month as we went to the dr's a few days after.. @ 4 months Hazel was weight: 13 lbs 12 oz 
 height: 26 3/4 inches
And now it's been over a month.. so we will see how big she has gotten at her 6 month check up! Hazel is still exclusively breastfed never having a drop/bite of anything else. our pediatrician said it would be okay to start rice cereal after 5 months but i really would love to wait the full six months. i mean less mess, less hassle and she is showing interest in food but she is still sleeping GREAT (now ill jinx tonight ;) we have no feeding schedule.. whenever she wants, sometimes its 2 hours sometimes its 4-5 and at night its usually 8-10 hours. she rolls like a crazy lady all over the place, tummy to back, back to tummy does a little inch worm scoot thing. gets her butt in the air with her face in the ground and can inch around and spin different directions but she cant get very far- she can get much further rolling! the past couple weeks she has been sleeping on her tummy. she is not swaddled anymore. she LOVES baths and we have been taking her swimming and she is in LOVE. she splashes and laughs and then gets worn out and naps. We go on lots of walks with friends and she loves her baby bjorn. i have always heard that they are not a good way to hold a baby but she loves the forward facing with her arms and legs free like she's flying! her ergo is too restraining and its not forward facing. any other carriers out there that are forward facing? here is a picture overload of her cute self!!!  


Brittani said...

yeah for all the updates! Yippy!

megan and sam said...

Oh my goodness, Devyn. She is turning into such a precious little girl! She always has been, but she gets cuter all the time!!