15 months

i L O V E my cutie little hazey pop. sometimes shes CRAZY sometimes shes CRANKY sometimes she is just in her own little world, but all the time we have FUN

*she does great at the gym daycare for about an hour, then it gets to be too much (we are working on nursery length!!)

*she would rather play with other kids any day, is miss social.

*Sleeps great, bed between 7-730 and wakes up between 7-8
(the other night i was woken up by her talking and giggling in her crib at 330am.. so she wakes up some, but has fun in there)

*loves milk. a mixture of vit D, vanilla almond milk, and vanilla soy milk

*still in size 3 diapers

*got a new carseat from our insurance because of the crash we let her pick between our top two choices and she loved the pretty colored one, instead of the black and gray.

*still rear-facing and we plan until 2 years per new recommendations

*i think she is teething, but still has 8 teeth

*wearing more and more 18 month clothes but still fits in plenty of 12 months, all of our christmas PJs are still being worn :)

*somedays she takes 2 naps, somedays just 1 (depends on how early she wakes up)

*LOVE mickey, minnie, and jake (LOVED disneyland!!)

*her vocabulary is getting big with one words: mom, dad, jake, mickey, minnie, duck, dog, uh-oh, frog, tree, ya, no, nose, ear, yummy, look, oooohhh, wee, woah, hi, bye, cheese, cookie,

*'talks' on the phone, 'throws' the ball,

*yells, throws fits, goes up and down the stairs like a champ
*loves baths but wants out the second she dumps the cup of water in her own face.
*hides in the closet
*climbs up everything and anything
*still clingy to mom
*gives kisses
*the best cuddler
*favorite foods: mac and cheese, spaghetti, yogurt, cookies.
*likes to show you where her nose is, usually with a finger up each nostril.

is the light of our lives.


Erin and Zach said...

AAAHHHH she is so adorable! What a cute photo shoot. I am so excited to see her later next month. Where does the time go? At least it is very good to her as she just gets cuter and cuter by the day! Love you Hazey pops!

Anonymous said...

I love you too!! She is so cute and with a great little (BIG) personality!! We cannot wait for the wedding!!! XOXO Very cute pictures!!