is what we hash tagged all the instagram pics we put up.. i think it totaled over 60!

*wednesday night the wagner clan arrived. the chaos began.
*the entire family was there by thursday night.
just a few of the group on Thursday morning. Uncle Bob got asked if he was Santa by some kid :)

*that's my new stroller i got at Target on clearance for $50! score. it is awesome and perfect for disneyland!
*Hazel was NOT scared of characters. she couldn't wait to go look up close and touch them. she would cry everytime we had to take her away!

Family Carousel ride. 

The aftermath of Winnie the Pooh. I felt so bad for the workers, but they would NOT let us help clean up, it was cleaned up spotless and very quickly too.

Uncle Zach being attached by cara, ryann and addie

This girl LOVED the horsies 

pictures with minnie

Hazel was literally in HEAVEN when we found Jake! Jake was one of her very first words!!!
SHE is obsessed with him.. ha!
The plane ride home. EXHAUSTED. best plane ride :)

Okay now i need to work on binking weening. This little munchkin has it in every pic! any suggestions?! oh and she will pick her froggy or doggy binky over any other binky!!! silly girl!!

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Anonymous said...

She's beautiful and I like her binkies!! She did have a blast meeting all of the characters!