Pictures courtesy of Uncle Bob's facebook :) sorry they are small. there was a lot of family there!
all the family
(hazel is asleep in jason's arms. haha)
our table
so the real reason we went to southern Ca for spring break was because it was my Grandpa's 90th birthday bash! we were just so fortunate that it happened to be spring break the week of so we spent the whole time at Disneyland sat-fri and then fri night, saturday and sun morning were spent in Beaumont where my Grandpa and Grandma live (my mom's parents) Let me tell you about my grandpa.. he does not seem like he is a 90 year old. He is a young whippersnapper. he's hilarious, greets you with a kiss, makes the best jokes, loves his family, tells the best stories.. oh and did i mention he has a really great sense of humor?! :) I love you Grandpa!! The big party was a BLAST! the most delicious food, beautiful venue, rockin' dance floor and live musician and the best company. Hazel killed the dance floor along with the other kiddos!

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