MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!! We are glad to be home, safely, even without a car we are so happy to be home. As we started our drive home last saturday evening, our car broke down 2 hours into the drive, in Wells, Nevada! we got towed, stayed the night in a motel 6 (YUCK) and DAD came to rescue us! He left Benicia at 1:30 AM and arrived to pick us up at 9:00 sunday morning. we then piled everything in his truck and drove back home, we got home around 8 PM. our car is still there, and we have learned that the engine was blown out, but lucky for us it is under warranty still!! Thanks DADDY PICKETT for saving us! We are happy to be safely home! TODAY HAS ALREADY BEEN THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! We love our wonderful friends and family and will post more pictures later! we miss you britt, rich, ryann, cara, jenn, rhyan, carrigan and addison!!


april kennedy said...

Merry Christmas cutie!!! I love all your posting!

ashley said...

I know you miss Ethan too... even though he didn't make the list :-)