Today has already been such a wonderful day (especially considering it is finals week).. and here is my favorite parts about it:

1. we just found out some great news: My favorite nephew ETHAN will be home for christmas this year! YAYYyyy

2. My sweet HUSBAND.. today is our 4 month anniversary!!! I love you pumpkin!

3. This morning.. bright and early we were able to attend the temple! I LOVE TO SEE the temple and the special spirit it brings to my life.

4. I took one of my finals and did way awesome and can keep my B in the CLASS!!!

That's enough good to keep my whole week looking GREAT! only 2 finals LEFT.. back to studying!

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Anonymous said...

What a darling picture but who is that young man behind you??? Congrats on the great news and we are looking forward to fun and peace!!!!