(erin enjoying pizza at the Giants vs Cubs game)
This past week i had so much fun going to Brittani and rich and ryanns and caras in Arizona!!!! Mom, dad, zach, ashley, erin, ron and ethan were all there too!!!!!!! we went to a Giants game and Britts baby shower. It was soo much fun.. but i missed my hubby oh so much! Arizona was so warm and we were able to go swimming and lounge around in the sun and play and i didn't even have any homework being on spring break. :-D now back to the real world.... and in 23 days we will be moving to CHIAGO!!


Erin said...

Wow. That may very well be the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Who knew I could look so good eating ball park pizza? ;)

Mamawags said...

Erin... have you ever noticed that your sisters LOVE putting "wonderful" pictures of you on their blogs?? Maybe you start the Erin blog... dedicated to your sisters, maybe some photos?? LOL!! One thing for sure, you are such a good sport!!