Chicago trip!

for anyone who knows me will know i LOVE to travel and visit my family.... living far away from everyone has just made airplane tickets my number one credit card purchases!! just in february alone.. one weekend i went to Vegas to see britt and rich.. the next weekend i went home to see the fam.. and the next weekend i got to go to chicago and spend the weekend with Erin!!! It was a blast.. we shopped a little.. watched some sweet movies.. i got to do some hair and get my plane ticket paid off... we ate yummy sushi.. made dinner.. i even went to the gym while i was there :) the best part was just spending some time with one of my bestest friends!!!!!!!!!! we also got to go to Naperville and visit and look around because in the end of April my hubby and I will be moving to Chicago for summer sales!!! I am super excited to be able to spend at least a whole entire month hanging out with my sissy before she goes to SF for the summer!!!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh Erin!!! And Devyn you had better start running!!!!

Rich, Brittani, and Nugs said...

haha... i love the pictuer

Erin said...

If your message wasn't so sweet I would be ticked you put up that photo you little stinker!!
I had so much fun with you! I can't wait to see you in 2 weeks! yaay! and finals are almost over for me.
I hope you have more dolphin dreams. <3

Erin said...

dude! You didn't have to take the photo down :) I don't really mind!