I am related to someone famous- not just anyone- the newest California Junior Miss!!! After winning Modesto junior miss, my talented darling cousin was able to compete at california junior miss this week; thursday, friday and saturday. I was trying to make plans to go, but knowing it didn't quite fit into our schedule or budget- we had to pass- and boy am i even more disappointed that we didn't arrange to go sooner. I am so proud of my little cousin- i have participated in many scholarship pageants but could never quite get it- she is living my dream and i couldn't be happier that it is her! She beat all the other juniors (in high school) from california and won a $15000 scholarship- and I AM SO EXCITED!!! CONGRATS PAIGE! YOU ARE AWESOME- I AM PLANNING NOW to be there next summer for AMERICA's JUNIOR MISS! (she even won the talent portion too- shes a pro at the violin!!)
Paige and I at my wedding, she caught the boquet :)


Kreg and Anna said...

I am freaking out for her! Yea shes My sister!!!

Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

how exciting! all the boys here in napa knew she would win!

Cathy said...

two beauties!!!

Chelsea said...

Miss you girl, we are wrapping it up here in Chicago. 3 more weeks! I am excited to see ya again! Looks like camp was fun, sorry you are so will get better. Love ya!