Pigs gone wild..

Zach's pigs made such a great impression on the judges.. not really.. but thats okay because they are at the fair, they made weight, they have super cool names, and he will auction them off on saturday and make a butt load of money so who even cares what the judges think. besides, they are the bad boy pigs, they kept getting in fights and never wanted to fit in with the crowd, just go out to the corners of the rink and hang out there. they do what they want when they want.zach was awesome out there jumping on his pigs when the judges weren't looking and all- great job zachy- can't wait for the auction.

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Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

what a stud. i am so glad they got last place. awesome! so hopefully the pigs aren't the last for the auction at the day... are they?