Why do i stress out to the max!? i need to figure something out to control this chaos of my life! I cannot believe summer is almost at an end- its been one of the craziest summers of my life yet the best! from provo to chicago then chicago to ca and on the 19th back to provo- so much moving! I have been taking too many summer classes and working and applying for school and studying for many tests (i hope i pass my instructor test next week!)and studying for nursing entrance tests ugh i hope it all works out But somehow it always does- oh don't forget about money...i talked with my old married sister (JK britt) and she says that stress about money never ends,great! and even next week is our one year anniversary- so what do we do?!!! BUT on a positive note: We are house sitting this week- SO FUN! and the house is adorable and it is inspiring. I have been inspired to try to decorate my condo much cuter and inspired to have cuter clothes and inspired to join her 'we are losers club' and i've even lost 5 pounds this week... :) (maybe it's from the stress..HA) But sometimes i just have to write all this out in and realize that i have so many things to be thankful for and so much support from everyone and my heavenly father who will listen to me and help me and there is never more than i can handle. I am so greatful for the gospel in my life and the happiness it brings to me- no matter how stressed out i am i know i can get on my knees and he will listen- and i can open up my scriptures and there is an answer. I am going to go write an "I am thankful for" list.


Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

you are so cute... i can be the old married sister anyday!

{april kennedy} said...

And I don't mind being the girl with the adorable house and cute clothes! Just kidding. Remember we have been married 15 years. I should show you pics of our first place! But thank you for the compliments and we are glad you guys are getting some time alone together. Most times I take my house for granted. I wish it was decorated differently, larger, had cuter clothes, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for the reminder that I needed that I am blessed too! We won't be home until late Monday night so feel free to stay until Monday afternoon!