38 weeks

I will be 39 weeks tomorrow so i better post my 38 week picture! lets see- this week i flew on an airplane, made it back to california safely, live in and love my slippers, clothes are getting tighter by the minute, may have found a few more stretch marks, got to hear babys heartbeat, fit in lots of clients before she arrives, got to go to lunch with some great friends, made christmas treats, had bad heartburn, had over/under active bowels, eaten many many sandwiches, don't enjoy wearing ANY jewelry (it's irritating) still have an innie belly button that my niece call's 'hazel's belly button' ordered my stroller and carseat (finally, right!?) tomorrow is another big dr. apt. cant wait to see if there has been ANY progress?! oh and i had a few 'fun' comments this week: "i like your waddle" "auntie devyn, your belly keeps getting BIGGER" (thanks ethan- i realize i am not getting any SMaller!)
38.6 weeks! December 14th, 2011


Brittani said...

you are gorgeous!! I really hope I get to see that belly one more time before I meet hazel... you are so delicious... wait, is that weird to say to my prego sister?

Kelli and Dallin said...

Oh my goodness! SO excited for you, but probably not nearly as excited as you two are to finally meet your baby girl. Hope all goes well and splendid-you will be in my prayers. Love you!

Mama Blogger said...

You are absolutely beautiful! With all you're doing try to squeeze in some Devyn time!

Mary said...

I keep waiting every day thinking I might get a text that Baby Hazel has arrived! :-)