Sweet Message

Last night my visiting teachers came to visit me before i left for the rest of the month. They are two of the sweetest girls and gave me a cute baby gift and a card with a quote that read, "Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me; and whosoever receiveth me, receiveth him that sent me." Mark 9:36-37 "What a wonderful blessing we have to receive sons and daughters of God into our home." Neil L. Anderson 2011 general conference. This card made me beam with joy. I cannot wait to welcome a child of God into my home and call her my own. I am about to embark on an amazing journey of motherhood- who everyone tells me is more amazing than words can explain. Thank you visiting teachers for a sweet message of children last night. and since i just finished all my finals for the semester i am off to the airport to make it back to California to wait for the arrival of my sweet little Hazey. Wait- you will LOVE this article my boss told me about it and told me to be careful when I fly tonight

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Hillary said...

How wonderful! We are so excited for you to enter the amazing club of parenthood. You can never get kicked out once your are in... because you're in for eternity. It is so wonderful to be a mother.It's awesome, challenging, and makes your heart grow larger then you ever thought it could grow. Safe flying!