single digits

seriously- single digit days until my due date 9 to be exact. I know you are all probably sick of these posts but ill try to make them more exciting and post more pictures. lets see this week my feet have been more swollen than ever, i have had more contractions than ever (actually hurting ones- but no regular ones yet!) been more exhausted than ever, clumsier than ever (i almost fell down the stairs yesterday) and i still have so much to do before my little sweetie gets here!! Today- i will do a few clients go to lunch with a friend and then maybe finish some christmas shopping! I better get all that done while i can- oh and i need to wrap and send off a couple packages! AND i got my assigned preceptorship for my last semester of nursing school. I have been assigned to Provo Canyon School day shifts -It is a school for troubled youth ages 12-17. I am actually really excited to be able to work with these teens and be a real nurse!!


Anonymous said...

Devyn-- you forgot to mention the fact that you are having a difficult time saying some words!! But you are still as beautiful as ever and maybe even a tad bit more (I know, how is that possible??)

Brittani said...

what an awesome preceptorship!! that will be great!