okay so here is a list of my current countdown:
Days until Ashley arrives: 3
Making it home to California to deliver: 4 days
Classes left in the semester: 3
Finals left in the semester: 4
days until Jason returns to CA: 11
Days until my actual due date: 17
Days until Christmas: 20
Days until i get to talk to Elder Wagner: 20!!

Hours left until my first final: 2. ugh.
did you know pregnancy drops your IQ 10-20 points.. here's to hoping i pass ;)
Besides all i can think about is keeping my little Hazey in there! Oh and check out my sidebar and make your guesses for when you think she will arrive and weight/height :)


Mama Blogger said...

Good luck on your final! You will be great and I can't wait for you to be here and not have to have all those worries!

Erin and Zach said...

Oh silly - you will pass!! How exciting. I can't believe you have four (well three now) finals left to take this week. Boy do I not miss school :)

I do miss you and Hazey! I hope the flight is comfy when you take baby girl in your belly home to deliver! xo