7 months

I'll post more pics when I get to my computer but I'm blogging from my phone in Wyoming on I80 E. more on our adventure in next posts. But hazel was 7 months this past Sunday. I know I always say this but it is so crazy how time flies!!
This past month hazel has been sitting up by herself steady for long periods, she has been scooting and rolling everywhere still. She now gets on her hands and knees and rocks but no crawling yet. She also does this cute thing where she gets on her feet and hands but can't really do anything from there. She is babbling/ talking all the time. Her sounds are constantly changing this month it sounds like she is gurgling. She loves her bouncer and has begun this separation anxiety stage. If I set her down or leave the room she freaks out or if she sees me sneak past the room she is playing in she screams until I get her. She definitely knows her mommy and daddy! She is still in size 2 diapers but has been leaking out so I think we will be moving up once this pack runs out. We haven't been cloth diapering because we have been on so many vacations but as soon as we settle in Nebraska ill try again! She is in size 9 month clothing (6-9 mo) some 6 month clothes still fit but we are pushing it :) she enjoys food but doesn't ever eat a ton. We try to always do breakfast and dinner. She enjoys peaches, pears, green beans, zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, the little puffs.. She Loves spoons- we make sure we get a few put one in each hand and then she let's us feed her. She also had a cucumber spear, broccoli, watermelon and enjoyed munching on those ( a bad mom moment: I found a whole watermelon seed in her poop the other day... Ooops!!!) oh and she has been getting so constipated poor girl. But she hates prunes and prune juice ( I don't blame her!) it was so bad we had to give her a suppository one night and she screamed and screamed and pooped!!!! We have been staying away from bananas, cereal, rice cakes (num nums) and applesauce and she has been pooping more regularly. She loves going upside down, is very ticklish, enjoys bath time much more, loves swimming and splashing, she has had a few haircuts already (just to even out that hair line) and this past month has been to Yosemite, Utah, and Bakersfield.. She is always happy and sweet until I leave the room haha. She knows what she wants! She has no teeth yet and is still exclusively breastfed. We love our baby girl so much and have loved watching her grow!!

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Did you mention how absolutely adorable she is and how she has loved spending so much time with her Grandma?? Well her Grandma feels like there is something (Or maybe someones) missing in this home!! Cannot wait until you come back to visit!! She is so adorable!!