Wagner family reunion

The week of July 4th we were able to go to a huge family reunion for Wagner side at aspen grove up in Provo canyon (right by Sundance) it was so much fun! It was a little hectic driving straight from Yosemite to Utah- we took some crazy little highway all the way there, but we made it! We got in on saturday eve and got settled in our room. For all of you with kids (or not) already know that you pretty much have to bring everything you own on vacation! Haha- so we got the pack n play set up and had to decide which door we wanted to block to make it fit- we had 2 doors one leading to the outside deck and one leading to the bathroom and the rest of inside obviously we chose the outside door to be blocked. So once we fit everything in our room we hung out and chatted with the fam! Sunday we had church- it was fun to have sacrament outside hazel got to lay on a blanket on the lawn and roll around. We went to a parenting discussion on Sunday and dropped hazel off with the child care group- she was a 'Romper' that was the 0-2year old group. They had 6 Byu students just in with the 0-1 year olds and when we dropped of hazel there was only ever like 2 other babies. Monday was family follies- where there was family/team competition games we were the Wagner giants. Monday night Erin had to be picked up at the airport so hazel brittani Ashley Katie and I all snuck away (made a detour to nordstroms rack) and got Erin. Tuesday I did water aerobics it was actually a really great workout! Wednesday we hiked to stewart falls Thursday it rained and I did lots of hair. Friday we checked out and drove home. Oh and I played tennis, paintballed, swam, ate, played games, won the volleyball championship, cheered on fellow wagners at sporting events, chatted with cousins/aunts/uncles, played, ate, and July 4th my mom watched hazel while Jason and I went and met up with Emily and nick in Provo and we watched fireworks and roasted marshmallows in their backyard! We also got to go visit Jason lindsay and their baby boy Luke (he is 5 weeks older than hazel) I also got to go visit renaissance and get my lashes done and see some old students and coworkers! I miss Utah! But Omaha is calling my name!!!!

Oh and by the way my pictures were all taken by cara or ryann. I forgot to take any but good thing ryann an caras favorite thing to do is steal people's phone and take tons of pictures!!

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