Our big adventure: day 2

These posts are long and boring about a long and boring drive but it's my blog right?!
So I know you are all dying to know (all 3 of you..) what happened with our car.. Jason got up before we did and took the car to a shop- he called me on his way back and said they couldn't find anything wrong. Hmm... Really? Because our car just didn't start?? They said since it is starting fine now not to worry. Oh ok.. We have 900 more miles.. Don't worry.. We were praying the car would make it. Well we got up and had a delicious waffle breakfast made by gma Geri- then packed lunches and were off by 11. We drove drove drove pumped fed hazel stopped for gas potty breaks let hazel stretch.. Repeated a gazillion times... Oh but we did stop at this amazing rest stop in Wyoming called little America. So nice! I must say Wyoming and Nebraska have much much nicer rest stops than Nevada... We didn't have to stop for lunch because we had packed such great lunches but we did have to stop for a longer break right outside of Nebraska miss hazey was getting fussy(I can't imagine why) so we stop at a rest stop pull out a blanket lay it on the grass and let her roll all around! We then packed up and headed out. We were going to try to go the rest of the way and get to Omaha like 3 am but we had some encouragement to stop so we did at north platte Nebraska and I'm glad we did. That was our day


Brittani Hamilton said...

I can't wait to talk to you! Love you!

megan and sam said...

Aw!! That picture of Hazel reaching out to the camera is so cute!! And these posts sound a lot like our trip! Except we would actually stop to get Grace out of her seat and feed her because she is so finicky about taking a bottle. I'm wondering if we didn't practice enough with her at the beginning??