Our big adventure: day 1

Wednesday July 25th: loaded the car, finished packing and off we went. We started driving about 10 am and our day went like this.. Drive drive drive entertain a baby move from passenger seat to back seat... I would pump milk and feed hazel then we would stop for gas , get hazel out, change her, potty break, get a diet coke, an repeat and repeat.... 9 hours later we are stopped in winnemucca for gas. I try to start the car.. No luck. Seriously?? I didn't panic too much but just said a prayer. Jason got the jumper cables out and asked a nice guy to jump us, car started right away. Phew. And off we went. We arrived in salt lake and met Zachy for dinner at cheesecake factory about 10 pm!!! It was so fun to see him and he got to play with hazey. After dinner we went to bountiful to stay with grandparents for the night. Zzzzz... What a day.

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