California Trip

Last week we were able to drive home- got home a bit earlier than planned so we just got to hang out and play with all the nieces and nephews and family! it was so fun- the next three days, thur, fri, sat were BUSY client days. i feel like not a lot has changed with my body except after those long days i was really feeling it! It's weird how that works- i would do a couple 12 hour days (before i was preg) and it wouldn't even phase me, well, i am still recovering i think- im not sure if it's from standing all day or leaning over clients faces (eyelashes) or from the long drive home. I will be slowing down for my next visits- maybe ill cap at 8 hour days. Overall it was SO much fun being home!!! and now we are coming up on a big 3 day weekend!!!! ANyone have fun plans?? we are hoping to head to AZ- and fight the heat- and maybe sneak a peak at the babe (girl or boy??)

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Cathy said...

It was so much fun to have you guys come home for the few days!! Enjoy your week-- we miss you already!!