hiking the Y

I've always been a wussy when it comes to hiking, but now that I have more of an excuse I am an even bigger wuss. Jason and I attempted to hike the Y this morning but at the 3rd switch back (yes only the 3rd) i had to turn around. My legs were already hurting and I'm sure my heart rate was well above the recommended 140 and i was Panting. haha. so today we only made it to the 3rd switch back but we have a goal this week- tomorrow we make it to the 6th, wednesday we make it to the 9th and by thursday we do the whole thing. hm we will see how it goes. (yes i have made it to the top plenty of times- usually the first try- but i just get more nervous lately that i will push myself to hard)

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Rocio Lewis said...

i always wanted to do that, but never did. hopefully one day i'll go to provo and do it. How is the baby?