Congratulations to my amazing smart husband and doing so well on the DAT (dental admission test). It is out of 30 and searching through the internet i found a site with the average GPA and DAT score for admission for each school. The average overall GPA accepted to dental school is 3.5 and the average DAT score is 19.3. I get to brag a little- Jason's GPA is 3.7 and his DAT score was 22. He is SO smart. I wish I had even a smidge of the studying discipline that Jason has! He was so dedicated for the past 6 months and then when school was out he woke up at 7 every morning, went to the gym and then studied for HOURS all day long. for a good 6 weeks straight. I am so proud of him and now he had begun his application. I can't wait to see where we get in and begin a new life in the Fall of 2012! It is nice to have my husband back and he has been so great at house work and cooking and spending more time with me. Look he even bought and planted flowers for me yesterday while i was at clinicals at the hospital (i got to watch a c-section, it was amazing)!!


Brittani said...

you will have to call me and tell me abut the c-section dev! The first one i ever saw I almost passed out.

Mama Blogger said...

Oh please get in here! I so want you to be close when that little bubby gets here!