4 years

Time flies when you're having fun! 8.15.08 I married my best friend!! We still have so much fun together!! Wednesday we were able to go out to dinner and then we can home and nick and Emily offered to watch hazel for us while we attended the temple.... Together!! That is the first time since hazel was born that we have been together and it was so nice!! It was hazels first time with non family babysitters (if I don't count aspen grove... Because I was always in and out checking on her..haha) and she did good I think, my anxiety levels spike in situations like this. Well after the temple we stopped at sonics for milkshakes and headed home. I asked Jason on our car ride if he would marry me again today and he said yes.. I then said "even knowing all you know about crazy me?" And he replied, sure, why not. Lol. I'm glad he would "sure why not" marry me again! Haha It was a low-key anniversary but the best yet! I couldnt have asked for a more perfect husband and father. Thanks for marrying me and thanks for giving me hazel! Here's to eternity!!

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