The little basement salon

For those who don't already know I am making one of the rooms in my basement a little salon! I am so excited and things are coming along. The most expensive part is the plumbing for my shampoo bowl.. Which is going in on Friday!!! But for 4 years it should pay for itself and some :) the first thing Jason did was we put in new flooring! From cement (with vinyl stickers) to wood laminate there is a halfway done pic-
*Next I found a salon chair and shampoo chair: they were a funny green color so I found vinyl spray paint and sprayed them gray.
*Then I (jason to be exact) hung curtains with wire from the ceiling to hide our storage shelves
*i also bought a mirror to hang from the ceiling with linked chains and I sprayed to chains a Tiffany blue (pics to come)
Its coming together so well I will Be posting more updates as they come!!
Sorry the pics are out of order;)

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{april kennedy} said...

I am so excited for you!! wish I was there to see and use it. xoxo