Chicago trip

We had so much fun in Chicago! Erin was soo nice to let us stay at her place!!!! She spoiled us!!!! On Friday night when we arrived we got Thai food delivered it was delicious! Then Saturday we walked around the town sight seeing and some window shopping. We also got to stop and go up to Erin's office and see where she spends her days. She has such a beautiful view of the city! We also ate this delicious popcorn Garet's carmelcorn. Mnmmmmm... Oh and it was scorching hot and humid on Saturday! So we decided to hit up the 'club' (which is Erin's fitness club where she spots Oprah on occasion!) we went swimming for a bit but then these clouds rolled in and it was about to storm so we went home quickly. Once back to Erin's it started storming! Lightning and pouring rain. Luckily it was only a couple hour storm so we were still able to go to the White Sox game compliments of Pete's dad thanks Mr. Wolf!!!! The game was great the hot dogs Were great and hazel did okay! After the game we headed home. Sunday we tried the famous deep dish Chicago pizza for lunch and then headed home... Which is where we are now. On I80 west somewhere in Iowa! Thank you Erin and Pete and chuck for such a fun fun jam packed trip! Can't wait to see you in sept!!


Brittani said...

your family self portrait is the best ever! love you guys soooo much

Erin and Zach said...

Thank you so much for visiting me! We had such a blast and are so excited that you are close enough for just a quick plane trip (or sort of quick car ride) away. I am going to love having you hear for the next 4 years. LOVE YOU!