We are still here visiting and it has been so much fun! We decided hm I think Thursday to come on Friday-and we aren't too sure how long we will be here! But thursday is Jason's birthday so we have to be home for that!! We got in Friday night and we had a rough flight! For those who know miss hazey know that she is a very happy baby and has never cried for more than a minute or two- she gets upset for a minute and then is usually done being upset- well I think since we both started getting colds on Friday i think her ears were really bothering her- it had to have been because she screamed like vaccines screamed but not for a minute for like 30 min. My poor baby and I felt so so bad for her and the people on the plane!!! :( it wasn't really pleasant for anyone. The second we landed she was completely back to normal it was so crazy- so Saturday we played and Sunday we went to church and had dinner at the bakers! Today hazel and I just played until rich and the girl got home about 3ish and I made dinner and ryann cara and hazel all took a bath it was adorable! It is so fun to see cara and ryann with hazel.. Most of the time they want to play with her and hold her and talk to her- especially in the car they love to hold her hand. They are definitely ready for their own little sibling but he/she may get trampled on! Oh and hazel and I both have colds but we are starting to feel better- thanks to hazels new friend nosefrida! For those who don't know it's a snot sucker controlled by me- and a tube I suck out her snot but it doesn't even get close to my mouth and hazel just giggles when I suck her snot out so it's great- gets out way more boogies than wiping her dripping ones.

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So fun to see the cute pictures. I am so glad that you are having fun!!