Since I have been in Nebraska, time has not meant too much. I don't have a job, I don't have anywhere to be, i have no real agenda.. it was fun at first but not its kinda sad. sometimes i feel worthless.. so i have been trying to keep myself occupied. because a few days in a row i NEVER got ready because i had nothing to get ready for.. so i decided i just need to get up and get ready right away and try to do something productive. i have been job hunting fixing up our house (which costs too much to really do much) and baking and cooking dinner and having friends over for dinner and taking care of Hazel, but i think once Jason starts school and we get more of a routine things will feel more normal. i mean we both don't work, we can basically do whatever we want... it's just a weird feeling. Maybe tomorrow i will plan out the salon i want to create in my basement. That way i can start taking clients sooner.. and maybe i will hear from some jobs? well until then i will play with my baby and husband!


{april kennedy} said...

Join in on What I Wore Wednesdays. It helps get out of a rut of not getting dressed. Take pictures each day with your phone and then show us on your blog your cute outfits each day. It will help you feel better. AND remember how lucky you are right now to not have a schedule as we start school next week and will have crazy mornings again until summer. I hate school mornings!

Devyn Pickett said...

oh good idea! thats what i'm going to do!!!! thanks april! PS i love your new hair :)

Brittani said...

you aren't worthless! you silly nilly. take walks, learn the lay of the town, go exploring. have you gotten a seasons pass to the zoo?? wait a minute... i am thinking house warming gift there! take hazelpop to see the animals!!