we have a sickie pants over here and it's no fun. I don't think she has ever been this sick :( it started wed night, then thur she slept like all day and fri was BAD. i decided to just take her in before the weekend so i just would know whats going on. ear infections + hand, foot and mouth. (but without the rash on her hands and feet) so just sores in her mouth throat.. she has a hoarse voice, yucky cough, runny nose and doesn't want to do much more than cuddle or watch TV. friday night was awful, she wouldn't sleep more than 30-60 minute stretches so Jas and I took turns throughout the night, saturday was pretty bad, but she did take two 1+ hour naps so we were happy. Saturday night we did not want a repeat. we got her all ready for bed, laid her down and she started to cry. (i'm a no CIO when there is a sickie involved..) so i tried to rock her but she was trying to escape and then the crying was worse when i was trying to rock/hold her so i laid her back down.. there was only a minute of tears and then she was out for the night. (she did cry out a few times during the night, but never long enough for me to even go get her.)

Today is already much better, naps are longer, less pain meds, less TV/cuddles and more play time. I hate sickies. I guess it will build her immune system, and all my cleaning can wait for another day.

oh and work did not want me to come in fri or sun night so i wouldn't spread it. happy day, weekend off!


Anonymous said...

Here's to health baby Hazel and to sleep for Mommy!!

david and christina said...

sickie days are sort of nice to just cuddle but sickie nights are awful.