The schoolless life

Schoolless, lacking school. Real word - I looked it up. Anyways I have two minor assignments left but I've already checked out and it's amazing. Ill get those two done at work tomorrow night but in the mean time, I have enjoyed spending evenings watching TV, lounging around, baking things and being able to be more focused on my baby during the day! Two more semesters, 8 months, I can do this. But I can't wait to be schoolless for good.

What I've been up to this week in pictures:

Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

I didn't even get mad when I saw the spilt Splenda all over the floor, I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture because it was my own dumb fault for leaving the pantry door open

Trying to decide what colors to redo my kitchen

Working out almost everyday so naturally I wanted to take selfies of my huge guns (hahaha go ahead make fun!!)

Dressing up this cutie with piggies and all

Cuddling to the max everyday all day as much as she'll let me!!


Brittani said...

you look so skinny!!

Anonymous said...

Where's the gun show?? heehee!! And she is adorable just like someone else i used to cuddle!! (Not so long ago!!)

Rocio Lewis said...

You look amazing! better than ever!!