The perfect woman.

definitely not me! There is so much pressure put on women of the world and now with pinterest even more!! ha. anyways, For my religion class, we were just required to complete a case study about how pressured women in the church are and how we have these false expectations of perfection, or that we are never as good as one another. I know I have felt these feelings of inadequacy- so when I GLADLY had to research the topic, some amazing messages were found. I can't just keep these to myself, they made me so happy and filled with the spirit. I think everyone should read, watch these. 

Read this poem called "Girl in a Whirl"
Look at me, look at me, look at me now!

You could do what I do

If you only knew how.

I study the scriptures one hour each day;

I bake,

I upholster,

I scrub,

and I pray.

I always keep all the commandments completely;

I speak to my little ones gently and sweetly.

I help in their classrooms!

I sew all they wear!

I drive them to practice!

I cut all their hair!

I memorize names of the General Authorities;

I focus on things to be done by priorities.

I play the piano!

I bless with my talents!

My toilets all sparkle!

My checkbooks all balance!

Each week every child gets a one-on-one date;

I attend all my meetings (on time! Never late!)

I’m taking a class on the teachings of Paul,

But that is not all! Oh, no. That is not all …

I track my bad habits ‘til each is abolished;

Our t-shirts are ironed!

My toenails are polished!

Our family home evenings are always delightful;

The lessons I give are both fun and insightful.

I do genealogy faithfully, too.

It’s easy to do all the things that I do!

I rise each day early, refreshed and awake;

I know all the names of each youth in my stake!

I read to my children!

I help all my neighbors!

I bless the community, too, with my labors.

I exercise and I cook menus gourmet;

My visiting teaching is done the first day!

(I also go do it for someone who missed hers.

It’s the least I can do for my cherished ward sisters.)

I chart resolutions and check off each goal;

I seek each “lost lamb” on my Primary roll.

I can home-grown produce each summer and fall.

But that is not all! Oh, no. That is not all …

I write in my journal!

I sing in the choir!

Each day, I write “thank you’s” to those I admire.

My sons were all Eagles when they were fourteen!

My kids get straight A’s!

And their bedrooms are clean!

I have a home business to help make some money;

I always look beautifully groomed for my honey.

I go to the temple at least once a week;

I change the car’s tires!

I fix the sink’s leak!

I grind my own wheat and I bake all our bread;

I have all our meals planned out six months ahead.

I make sure I rotate our two-years’ supply;

My shopping for Christmas is done by July!

These things are not hard;

It’s good if you do them;

You can if you try!

Just set goals and pursue them!

It’s easy to do all the things that I do!

If you plan and work smart, you can do them all, too!

It’s easy!” she said …

… and then she dropped dead.
 found HERE 

I laughed when I read this poem. 

and I cried when I watched this video:

to read the full version talk of the video it can be found HERE

and the other talk that was so uplifting can be found HERE

It is titled, "Believing Christ."
It focuses on the Atonement and how ONLY through our Savior Jesus Christ can we be "Celestial material" perfect and return again to him.

"The great truth of the gospel is that we have a Savior who can and will save us from ourselves, from what we lack, from our imperfections"

"Sometimes we feel very inadequate when we compare ourselves to others. We may even begin to despair. But when the Lord looks at us, he measures us against ourselves. His expectations are based on our abilities."

Sorry this post is so lengthy, but there is SO much GOOD news i want to share! 

I have a Savior, who died for me, for all of us, so that we can become perfect and return to live with him again. He is the only one who knows our hearts, our feelings, through him we can repent and work on being the best we can. He will help us. He wants to help us, he is on our SIDE!

This life is hard, and we all have different struggles and trials in life. That is why I am so thankful for Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. They know me!! 

I am so grateful for the Family unit, and the emphasis the church places on the family. My family is pretty amazing, don't ever think we are perfect... but we are perfect for each other. I know I can always count on my family to pull me along and strengthen me, and i hope to be able to create my own family with the unique bond that my family has. okay back to homework. I love you all. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Devyn thank you so much. I hope that every young and old mother and every woman reads your post and feels the same assurance that you feel. It is a great feeling to know of the great significant role that is yours!! XOXO

Amander said...

Devyn! This is fabulous! Thanks for the reminder that we truly cannot do it all!