the Minnie Potty

so at Hazel's 15 month appointment our pediatrician suggested that we start to introduce the potty. Yes, she is very young still but just kinda show her how it works or whatever. I'm not even going to start potty training for a long time, but potty's were on sale at toys r us this weekend so we thought we could just get her one and put it in the bathroom to get used to or however you introduce a potty. we gave her a choice of which one she wanted and of course she picked this cute minnie potty

Last night, i let her loose in the bathroom, nakey. I sat her on it once and then let her do whatever. I leave her for a minute and hear "wee,wee,wee..."

I go back to the bathroom, she has peed ALL over the floor (didn't know she could pee that much)

and she is swiping her hands in it on the floor, splashing in her own pee yelling "wee,wee, wee"

lucky it was bath time. 

oh, and when you 'flush' the little hand on the side it cheers for you. 

so now i hear Minnie cheering a hundred times a day.

Little miss hazey cracks me up.

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Erin and Zach said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That is amazing. Pete is really going to love this one...