2010 recap

January- I got my CNA and started my last semester of pre-reqs. Jason started his junior year.
February- zach got his mission call and we went to the Arizona temple!
March- Mark and Mallory get married and lots of family come to visit!
April- bought a new car! finished the semester jason took a trip to Missouri.
May- Zach left on his Mission- I went to disneyland with ashley and addie. I applied for nursing school. Jason takes spring classes. Baby Dean was born.
June- Erin graduates LAW school!! I went to chicago for her graduation. Jason starts summer classes
July- We went to a couple family reunions. Wagner family reunion in Island Park, id. and Turnbull (Cima) family reunion in Salt Lake! I went to 4H camp, got accepted to nursing school
August- celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary, drove to CA 2 times! Jason turned 24
September- Jason started school and I started Nursing school! I turned 22
October- Katie turned 30 with a big 80's bash
November- Thanksgiving in Bountiful with grandma and grandpa Turnbull and the Picketts!
December- I went to Disneyland with the Stabiles, We passed our classes! the semester ended, Jason finishing his Junior year and i finished my first semester of nursing. Home for christmas break and Disneyland trip!

Im sure I am forgetting much more, but thats it in a nutshell..many more exciting things to look forward to this year- especially Jason applying to Dental schools and taking the DAT and me, taking my LPN exam in august!


Cathy said...

Life is sweet...and so much more fun with you around. What would I do without my hair colored and cut and styled, my wardrobe, my lashes, my daily calls and texts, my sweet notes in the mail, other words, what would I do without you and your sweetness??

Cathy said...
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