Heather comes to town, part 1!

Heather, being the best friend that she is, came to UTAH to visit and stay with hubs and I, well mainly me, but jason did have a lot of fun!! Heather got to town at 9:30 thursday morning and we drove back to provo and she dropped her stuff off and she found this on her bed!

We then went to yummy Einsteins bagels and then off to provo college to buy books. It was book buy back day, so i brought my books to sell, and they didn't take a single one back... ugggh i know! but i still had to buy my books, 4 books for 450$. seriously? yes, because one of my books was $225! it will all pay off in the end.. haha. so after the books we headed up to the mall, we shopped and then picked Jason up from school and had a fabulous olive garden lunch. That night we stayed in and watched Easy A, grey's anatomy and jersey shore! Stay tuned for PART 2!


Angela and Keith said...

Fun! Heather and I go way back to 3rd grade. I haven't seen her in forever though.

$450 is CRAZY EXPENSIVE FOR BOOKS! wow. But, yes, it will pay off when you're making tons of money as a nurse!

Brittani said...

easy A is so funny!

{april kennedy} said...

Didn't think we were going to like Easy A...but we really did. Cute story line and great ending!!

Cathy said...

Okay I am ot sure what Easy A is but best I find out. I love Heather and I am so glad that she went out to visit you and Jason and now she has a great T-shirt to wear!!!!!Plus all of her awesome 4-H shirts!!