Heather comes to town, part 3!

Heather and I slept in on saturday and woke up and got ready slowly, and then we were off- to the BYU vs Air Force Boys Basketball game at the Marriott Center, where they WON of course! It was a fun game to be at and we then went home, relaxed, then off to Provo mall because of course i hadn't taken her to that mall yet haha. we had dinner at the Provo Famous BRICK OVEN pizza! then went to see Tron. yes i did fall asleep, but i also wasn't feeling too great. Sunday Heather got all packed up while jas and I went to church and when we got home we packed up and headed up to Salt Lake! once we got to salt lake we took heather on a tour of Temple Square (where we couldn't find Sister Frye, she was on an assignment until later that day)and then toured to Conference center. It is always so neat to be able to be so close to so many amazing church buildings. I learn something new everytime I go there! sadly the time was drawing near, we drove Heather to the airport and said our goodbyes. Don't worry heather, ill see you soon im sure!! It was such a blast to have you come stay and we did so many exciting things. I hope heather had just as much fun as i did! i already have been missing her cheerful, "good morning!!" can't wait for 4h camp 2011!

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