the little things.

There are lots of things in my life i am scared or nervous about, to name a few, school, work, life and changes and graduating and dental school and where we will go and where we will end up and how many kids we will have and even more WHEN we will have kids. (NO i'm not pregnant!) but it has been a topic of conversation for quite some time now and it is so hard to determine when the 'right' time is be or if there ever really is a right time. It has been in prayers, fasting and temple visits lately but still a hard decision. I have faith in my Heavenly Father and know it will work out how it should but i get so Scared! i get scared to be a Mom, to raise a child, and to try to teach them to do what is right. Luckily i have such a great husband who will be such a wonderful father someday and even today in the mail i got the sweetest thank you card from my sister and it said, "You are such a sweet auntie and will be the best mom!" Thanks Brit- not sure how you knew i needed that today- but i love you!


Brittani said...

glad you got it! it is so true and i love you!!

Mama Blogger said...

I won't lie. It is frightening. I worry about those same things every day.

But the simple fact that you ARE worried about those things means you will make an amazing mother because all you want for your children is the best.

Cori and Colin said...

You're awesome and you will be a great mom!