Freezer meals.

Today, for dinner, we will be trying out my new project (compliments of Lisa) freezer meals. I made 7 pre-made meals on saturday and then froze them.(i think this will make me much less stressed every night thinking about dinner) All i have to do is take them out the night before to thaw in the fridge, put in the crock pot around noon, and then the main dish is all done! just make a side of rice to go with it and we have a delicious dinner!! Tonight is honey mustard chicken and rice.

they are all lying flat on the top left, labeled with date, what they are and cooking instructions so i can have jason just as easily make one!


Cathy said...

okay Devyn that is so awesome!! Write down the recipe and then share-- oh how fun!!

Mamawags said...

Yes, yes!! Share the recipes :)

Heather said...

whoa, i think i need these recipes too!!! looks like you have a recipe blog post to do! :-)s

Our Young Family said...

Im glad you are enjoying the freezer meals now you have to come over and ill teach you the freezer meals other then the chicken ones and the deserts!! good job!