Heather comes to town, part 2!

(picture at OLYMPIC park)

sorry for a delay, i have been quite sick this past week, in recovery mode now! Friday with heather was a fun day too! Friday she came to work with me, and got a scalp treatment, deep conditioner, blowdry, and hair curled! we then went to a delish lunch at burger supreme (their garden burger is to DIE for!) after lunch she got her nails done and then we were off to Park City! We drove up beautiful Provo canyon and saw bridal veil falls on the way up. even with snow all around there was water flowing! In park city we went to the Olympic park and toured the museum. we then hit up the Park City outlets, we were both disappointed. The stores were pretty bare, not much merchandise up there right now, i guess. we ate at TEXAS roadhouse for dinner that night! even after over a 2 hour wait, it was worth it. missing Heather so much!!!!!


Brittani said...

I cant wait for the day/ weekend when i get to come up and visit you... just a you and me girls weekend. LOVE! but until then... i am glad you and heather had fun

Cathy said...

Cute cute of you three..Heather looks so pretty!! I bet you guys had so much fun!! What is with the bare stores in Park City!!??