100 days.

On my little ticker it has informed me that my countdown is at 100 days! tomorrow will be in the double digits. How crazy is it to think that i only have 100 days left. That means it's almost Christmas. Wow- i better start shopping. Thankfully today I was able to get it worked out with my teachers for me to take my finals one week early so I can return to California at 38 weeks. This pregnancy has been a definite faith builder. For those who don't know the story- after much prayer we felt strongly impressed that we should at least TRY to get pregnant in the month of march (to have a christmas break baby) and If it didn't work out we could TRY again in fall for me to be done with school and have a baby. Obviously it made much more sense to wait until fall so I would be done with school- but we felt so strongly that we just needed to try for one month was all. Sure enough i got my first PPT on 4.11.11 (about 3.4 weeks along.) All I could think about was how I would most probably miscarry since every female in my family had had a miscarriage for their first pregnancy and this was too good to be true. I of course had to wait FOREVER well it felt like, to go to the DR. so we both made a trip home in early May and at 7 weeks we saw the cutest little nut and such a strong pulsating heart beat. I still had it in my head that something was not going to be okay- even though my dad informed me, after you see a heart beat, the chance of miscarriage drops to 3-5% or so. A few more weeks went by and now i KNOW why people announce so early because it has been the most constant excitement i have ever imagined (you know when you go to Disneyland and its the best day ever, well this was like Disneyland EVERYDAY) I finally announced it to the FB/blog world at 10.4 weeks. Throughout my journey- thus far- everything has been so smooth and has worked out all too perfectly, but I am constantly humbled and Thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me the opportunity to carry this little girl and letting me get through school, not sick, carrying a healthy baby, continuing to work and, well, cleaning with Pine Sol ALL THE TIME! Maybe i am Jinxing myself or speaking too soon, but my faith in my Heavenly Father has never been so strong and it is only growing as I have begun the downhill of this journey. I have 4 more trips home = 4 more DR. appointment's. This weekend (26 weeks)- last weekend in october(32 weeks)- Thanksgiving (36 weeks) and then after my finals (38 weeks) (which another faith builder- that my teachers are so willing to work with my situation) And one of my sisters so willingly offered to come to utah and fly with me back to CA when i return at 38 weeks (since jason will be here an additional week finishing his finals) I know Heavenly Father knows my needs and knows what will be best for our growing family so at the moments i get incredibly anxious and stressed at the thought of what i am doing (having a BABY before my last semester of nursing school) or how will i ever get home or something is going to happen and i won't make it home, I know i just need to relax, do all I can and put my faith and trust in him- because he has helped me thus far and I know everything will work out. For those who are still reading sorry it's so lengthy, but sometimes you need to write down it ALL (right?)


Anna said...

You are amazing!! I cant wait to see that little Gal!!

Matt and Melissa said...

That's so wonderful! You have been truly blessed!