weeks 27 & 28

Sometimes I feel like I have been pregnant forever but most of the time I can't already believe that I am hitting my Third trimester! I can't believe how quickly it goes! I am enjoying trying to find new cute and fun pregnancy styles and i LOVE watching my belly being pulled and kicked in every direction. I have been much more emotional lately- and have been SO incredibly ITCHY. I have been doing very well on watching my sugars and eating more fruits and veggies. As many times as i have said it is hard giving up my body for my sweet baby girl, it has already been completely worth it. I love her so much and look forward to my DR. visits and getting extra sneak peaks of my squirmy!! thanks DAD! oh and i got this note from my DR today: "Devyn, Your blood count showed that you are a bit anemic. In addition to your prenatal vitamins, you should take an extra iron tablet each day. With love from your father. Michael Vincent Wagner, M.D." So yes i do have to start taking my iron tabs (which i hear don't make you feel very good...) and thanks dad for taking such great care of your granddaughter and daughter!


Anonymous said...

Yipee some pictures!! Yes that iron needs to be taken with Vitamin C young lady!! hehe I love yous!!

Erin and Zach said...

AW, so sweet! It wasn't Dr. Wagner & Dr. Deters? I bet Ben would say "with love," too! You are so incredibly cute! Cannot wait to see you on Turkey day! love you xoxo

Mamawags said...

Get Slow FE for your iron... it doesn't have as many side effects :)

Can't wait to see you and that cute baby belly!!

P&C Dickson said...

congrats devyn you're getting close! you look darling and i love the name hazel. I was anemic for pretty much my whole pregnancy so i tok lots of iron pills but they aren't too bad just be sure to take them with food. good luck!