California trip

I am back from a very tiring trip, but i got to spend so much time with my mom and dad. Since my dad was off work and my mom was recovering they were both home all the time and we got to hang out! My mom is recovering fantastic- she is AMAZING. she was walking up and down the stairs and even went on a walk outside today. She is SUPERwoman! and my Dad is so sweet- he stays home and makes lunch and dinner and helps my mom so much. He was also a HUGE help to me this weekend. He helped me get all my supplies set up and to and from my eyelash extension training. I could NOT have done it without him. I also got to see my baby girl!!! and i passed my glucose test! It was not nearly as bad as i was expecting- especially since they forgot to stock the fridge with the yummy drinks, so i got a room temperature, fake sprite. haha. chugged it in a few minutes and then it was over! I also had the opportunity to speak at church. My topic was Charity and it was just what i needed to talk on. I got the chance to study and learn about how i can be more charitable (not even necessarily donating time or money, but just by being kind to those around us) by no 'bashing' people. I have a goal to be more charitable! And i got to spend a lot of time with Ashley- she even was kind enough to bring me a birthday lunch of Taqueria to my class i was teaching. I am so blessed to have so many great people in my life that care and love me... more on my birthday DAY to come!!!!


Brittani said...

i am glad you are back home safe and sound. no trips until after i am there... right?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your help. You are a sweet daughter and your message at church was very sweet! Now rest up and take care of your little one!!But ut sounds like she is our little party girl!! HA Ha

{april kennedy} said...

Devyn, do you know rachel's last name. i thought you guys might now her. can you make sure she see's this please on facebook. thanks!