26 weeks.

How far along? 26 weeks- into the double digits of days!
Weight gain/loss: Gain.
Maternity clothes? They are so comfy!!
Stretch marks? Not yet...
Sleep? i sleep good still, not great anymore I progressively wake up more and have a harder time falling asleep
Best moment this week? finally deciding on a crib.
Movement: geesh i'm not sure when she sleeps, although she never moves when i want someone to feel her :) and i am pretty sure i know what hiccups feel like now..
Food cravings: this week: lays wavy chips have to be dipped in onion dip (hmm i sense a consistent onion theme)
Gender: little girl!
Labor signs? No signs of labor- but i have had contractions about once a day or one every other day. I was walking through nordstroms with Jason the other day and had to stop mid path and wait for it to pass.
Belly button in or out? In.
What I miss? sushi. been trying to get fillings with california rolls but its not quite the same.
What I am looking forward to? getting done with my glucose test (i've heard too many horror stories)
Weekly wisdom: enjoy not being TOO big to do everything because i soon will be TOO big
Milestones: baby girl is viable, but lets keep her in there for 13+ more weeks!

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