26 week pictures

Thanks to my sweet husband for always taking so many pics- this time he had to take one to remember what he looked like when we were 26 weeks ;)

Thanks for the best date week ever jasy. We went on a date a day this week because we knew i would be gone for 4 days. We has so much fun, five guys on monday, roll up crepes on tuesday, wednesday we had sensuous sandwich and tonight we walked around the beautiful peaceful temple square (in hopes of a Sister Frye spotting, no luck) and then went to CPK for dinner and roamed around the Gateway before he dropped me off at the airport. I love you hunny- see you monday!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Cute pictures of both mommy and daddy!!

Kelli and Dallin said...

We ran into Sister Frye at Wal-Mart last week! After years of searching, Wal-Mart brought us together. I'll be calling you soon!