Because I want to BLOG

Because I want to BLOG and there hasn't been much more than studying and sleeping and eating going on here lately :)

Age: 23 September 19th!
Bed size: Queen
Chore that you hate: putting clothes away. i like starting the laundry, but dread hanging clothes up.
Dogs: i Love dogs.. but will not be getting one any time soon...
Essential start to your day: hurrying to the bathroom.... haha no i LOVE oatmeal.
Favorite color: turquoise
Gold or Silver: gold
Height: 5'7"
Instruments you play: umm i took piano for many many years but not sure that i could play much now..
Job title: well, cosmetologist, cosmetologist instructor, eyelash extension trainer, and LPN (on my way to RN)
Kids: my ever growing 28 week old baby girl fetus
Live: Provo, UT- been here almost 4 years and excited to try somewhere new next fall!
Mother’s name: Cathleen! and MIL Patti
Nicknames: i don't think i have any?
Overnight hospital stays: when i was 2 and a penny got stuck in my throat... long story.
Pet peeves: when i am using water and someone sticks their hands in it.
Quote from a movie:??
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: Ashley, cory, brittani, erin and Zachy and then jamie, jenn, rhyan, jared, ron, rich and katie.
Underwear: yes i wear underwear
Vegetable you hate: i really like veggies...
What makes you run late: snoozing for over an hour ;)
X-Rays you’ve had: thumb, arm, arm, chest
Yummy food that you make: desserts YUM!
Zoo animal: monkey


Brittani said...

dev bo bev is a favorite nickname of mine for you. :)

Erin and Zach said...

I vote Devy-pooh!

Anonymous said...

And goodness sakes-- what about Devony?? But pronounced like Devaughnee?? HA Ha!! Yep- a word to the wise--dont try to wash your hands when she's washing hers!!!! Fun post!!